Drop Nuclear Bomb on your AWS account. How to clear your entire AWS services in 3 seconds.

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3 min readMar 15, 2022


Looking at my back account transaction history, I found AWS continues to spend more than $7 per month. It was because of the services attached while studying AWS lambda in the past. You would share my opinion. AWS itself is a universe. It’s really hard to figure out what services I enabled and not… So, I found the great tool to solve my problem.

I introduce you cloud-nuke.


  • Make sure you are a mac user.

Install Brew

# Run the command below
/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/HEAD/install.sh)"

This is optional. You can install cloud-nuke another way. But I recommend you to use brew. Brew is the most useful tool to manage your packages on mac.

Install ‘cloud-nuke’ with ‘brew’

# install cloud-nuke
brew install cloud-nuke

Prepare your credential

# Run this command on terminal

Completely Clear Your Account With a Single Commandline!

# Run the command and say goodbye to your existing services
cloud-nuke aws

That’s all.

Explore Additional Features

# Delete all services in Seoul, (delete specific region)
cloud-nuke aws --region ap-northeast-3
# List all available resources
cloud-nuke aws --list-resource-types
# Exclude some resources
cloud-nuke aws --exclude-resource-type s3 --exclude-resource-type ec2
# Simulate `cloud-nuke` with `--dry-run`. It's going to tell you what's going to happen by not actually deleting your resources
cloud-nuke aws --resource-type ec2 --dry-run

How Do I Get AWS Credential? — OPTIONAL

1) Go To IAM

AWS Dashboard, Go to IAM

2) Tab on Users on left menu and click on Add users.

Tab “Users” on the left menu and Click “Add users”.

3) Enter User name of your choice and check Access key — Programmatic access

Enter username and check Programmatic access

4) Create Group If you don’t have any and grant Administrator Permission.

Click “Create group”
Give “AdministratorAccess” to use “cloud-nuke”

5) Skip tags and Create user

Add tags.. Skip it

6) Check your credential and save it in the safe place.

Check your Access Key and Secret Access Key


  • install cloud-nuke
  • Provide aws credentials
  • run cloud-nuke aws

That’s all!

Please, leave me a comment if you have any question!



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