How to use Preprocessor Statement in Swift Project. Skills of high-paying iOS developers.

What is Preprocessor Statement?

#define PI 3.14
#include filename
#if condition

Preprocessor Usecases in Swift

print("print on debug environment only")
#if os(iOS)
print("print on iOS only")
#elseif os(macOS)
print("print on macOS only")
#elseif os(watchOS)
print("print on watchOS only")

Create your own Flag

Go to project build settings and find custom flags
print("Run this line on `DEBUG`")
I’m adding ‘RELEASE` as my custom flag
#if DEBUG 
print("Run this on DEBUG")
#elseif RELEASE
print("Run this on RELEASE")
I’m adding ‘HELLO’ flag just for fun
print("Run this command on HELLO")
print("This means I run on DEBUG too, because I'm on the same envrionment")

What is Other Swift Flags?

Other Swift flags
Adding -DFLAG1, -DFLAG2
#if FLAG1 
#elseif FLAG2




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