Learn Swift Fundamentals by preparing for Job Interview, Questions 29~ 32 For Functions

Functions in Swift are a really important topic. However, sometimes there are things that even experienced developers do not know. Here you can make your own difference. So read carefully!

29) What is function? What is the difference between function and Method?


  • Function / Method is a block of statements which performs some specific task.
  • Function is global whereas Method is associated with a Class and Structure.
Difference between Function and Method

30) What is "inout" parameter in Swift?

  • The input arguments of a method by default are let constants. To change the value of input arguments the input keyword helps.
  • To pass the references of the arguments to a method we use inout keyword.
Without `inout`, you cannot change method argument
With `inout`, you can change method argument

31) Instance method vs Type Method?

  • Methods are two types: Instance methods and Type Methods.
  • Instance methods are tied up with the instance of a class. So access instance methods using object.
  • Type methods are tied up with classes. Use ClassName. TypeMethod.
  • Use static / class to declare Type Methods
Swift Type Methods

32) What is the difference between class func and static func ?


  • class func — can be overridden, but static func cannot be overridden.
Difference between class method and static method


  • if you use class type method with final keyword, there is no difference using static type method



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