Learn Swift Fundamentals by preparing for Job Interview, Questions 39 ~ 44 For Initializer

39) What is initializer?

  • Initializer is a method that constructs the object with proper default values.
swift initializer

40) What are the different types of initializers available in Swift?

  • Default
  • Customized
  • Convenience
  • Failable
  • Required
Swift has many initializers

41) What is the default initializer in Swift?

  • init is the default initializer in Swift.
Swift Default Initializers

42) What is parameterized / Custom Initializer?

  • init method with some input parameters to construct the object with custom values.
Swift Custom Initilizer

43) What is designated initializer in Swift?

44) What is convenience initializer in Swift?

  • Convenience Initializer is a kind of initializer which sets custom values for a few properties of an Object. Use convenience keyword to create convenience initializer.
  • Designated initializer must be called before setting the custom values.
Convenience Initializer



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