Learn Swift Fundamentals by preparing for Job Interview, Questions 66~ 69 For OOP Property Observer

66) What are Property Observers?

  • willSet and didSet are the property observers.
  • These blocks get triggered when there is a change in the value.
Swift Property Observer

67) What is get and set? How to declare get only or set property?

  • The read and write access of a property can be declared by using get and set keywords.
  • You can access the value of get only property but cannot set the value.
  • A property must contain at least get.
swift get
Swift get set

68) Can a property has only setter(set)?

  • No, Every property must contain a getter. We can declare get only property but not set only property.

69) Difference between Class vs Structures?

  • Structures are value types.
  • Classes are reference types.
  • Structures don’t support inheritance.
  • classes support inheritance.
  • Structures don’t support de-initializers. ( deinit )
  • Classes support deinitializers.
  • Structures don’t follow Reference Counting.
  • Classes follow Reference Counting.
  • Mutating Keyword is needed to modify the property values in Structure’s instance methods.
  • No need of mutating keyword to modify the class variable’s value.



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